Kidepo Valley National Park


In Uganda, there is the world-famous Kidepo Valley National Park. Directly across the International border in South Sudan exists the Kidepo Valley Game Reserve. There is no fence between the two parks, just an imaginary line of the international border. The Kidepo River originates in South Sudan’s Kidepo Valley Game Reserve and flows into Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park.

The Ugandan park is a virtual Eden, where the animals have learned not to fear humans. Elephants, zebras, Defassa waterbucks come right up to the hotel in the park. Additionally in the park are Lions, Nile Buffalo, Cheetah, Ostrich, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Jackel, Wild Dog, Warthog, Dik Dik, and Giraffe.

The Boya people live within the South Sudan Kidepo Game Reserve and they will be visited during any safari to the reserve.

Kidepo Game Reserve in South Sudan is 1442 square kilometers in size (557 square miles). It is rugged savannah dominated by 2750 meters (9020 feet) high Mount Morungole and transected by Kidepo and Narus Rivers. Along the Kidepo River, there are groves of Palm trees that bear nuts in February, March, and April that attract elephants.

Nile Buffalo herd on the Ugandan side of the border between the two parks. The mountains are in South Sudan

Boya Tribal warriors demonstrating prowess to elders in 1979. The Boya live within the Kidepo Game Reserve of South Sudan – Patti Langton Photo


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